Alliance to promote Sustainable Gastronomy in Society

The most comprehensive global collaborative governance initiative of its kind with a clear mission to promote safe and quality food and the notion of respect for “terroirs”.

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SGS held its official Kick-Off Meeting


SGS Website opened


“SGS Nara Forum" to be held in Nara, Japan.Click here for the programme!


"Inspire the Table”

A Platform devoted to sustained differences


We call for building a multi-layered platform to enable stakeholders at key moments to promote sustainable and quality food production and consumption including bringing the GIs system into the 21st century.

We invite new networks to join us to jointly promote intangible assets, GIs on the European model into Asia and beyond to advocate an action-based approach to expand the food sustainability based on the notion of respect for “terroirs”, a different concept from the industrialized mass food production.

6 goals targeted, 6 areas to addressed, 6 key avenues of actions for addressing the challenges, for building sustainable food systems.


  • Action n1

    Governance on Sustainable Gastronomy

  • Action n2

    Sustainable food production

  • Action n3

    Sustainable food processing, wholesale & food services

  • Action n4

    Sustainable food consumption & healthy diets

  • Action n5

    Food loss & waste

  • Action n6

    Region-to-region Network & Advocacy

Events of the Forum Dialogue


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  • Forum dialogue is a flagship track II multilateral dialogue to bring together stakeholders with either a business, political, cultural or academic focus from Asia, Europe and around the world with the aim of facilitating the creation of networks and coordinating a policy proposal for a better international joint approach.

SGS Club Initiative

The club main activity consists to offer a new look at challenges in global governance in response to the need to reinforce old-ties between Japan and Europe. A unique venue dedicated to the exchanges between members and youth about governance system and their place in it, as well as, their power to affect change.