SGS hosted a dialogue session with Japanese politicians in commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the United Nations|
November 16, 2020

On November 16, SGS hosted a special dialogue session with three prominent members of the Diet on the themes of the growing importance of the UN’s role; the wide range of opportunities Japan has for the future of global development; and the roles a private sector organization like SGS can perform for the Earth’s sustainable future. The dialogue was organized by SGS in response to the UN’s call for private/public sector leaders around the world to voluntarily organize and hold dialogues on the growing importance of the UN and the future of the planet. Mr. Yoshimasa Hayashi, a member of the House of Councilors (LDP), Mr. Yoshihisa Inoue, a member of the House of Representatives (Komeito) and Mr. Yuichiro Tamaki, a member of the House of Representatives (Democratic Party for the People) participated in the dialogue, which was moderated by Ms. Midori Nishiura, Advisor of SGS. The dialogue was videotaped and will be uploaded on SGS’s website, with a link to the UN’s Japanese language home page. Mr. Fabrizio Hochschild, Deputy Secretary General of the UN, also contributed a brief message to the dialogue.